Representation of Sitcom

TV Sitcoms have spread into alternative comedy. Not only does The Royle Family have “real life” situations (pauses and all) but it is a good example of how the boundaries are always changing and being pushed. The Office is a Sitcom disguised as a documentary and is another example of how ‘reality’ is playing a bigger part in the Sitcom genre. Phoenix Nights is another TV Sitcom that stretches boundaries. The representation of family life can be compared and contrasted between My Family and The Royle Family.

Lads’ are represented in Men Behaving Badly and Two Pints of Lager and Red Dwarf’ whereas the ‘hapless hero’ figure features in Father Ted and the stereotype controlling wife in Fawlty Towers. Each successful Sitcom has at least one character that creates empathy or at least a strong recognition.


One response to “Representation of Sitcom

  1. what are some examples of representations in sitcoms. especially ‘friends’

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