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  1. I think the paper is out today but i cant find it. Can u help? thnks.

  2. gcsemediasitcoms

    Hi jake, below is a link where you can find this years Television Situation Comedy exam papers: http://www.aqa.org.uk/qual/gcse/media_assess.php

    Good luck!

  3. Hi

    Just wondering if there’s any links/advice on how to create a high quality storyboard?

    would be a great help for the sitcom exam!


  4. gcsemediasitcoms

    Hi Jess!

    Here’s some links you may find helpful:


    When designing the story board don’t forget to use a variety of shots and look at other sitcom trailers for inspiration!

    Good look with the test.

  5. I’m stuck on Tast 2!
    Do you have any useful sites about the death of sitcoms or generaly any sites that could help with that question?
    Thank you!

  6. I’ve got all my research for task 1 but im not sure how to answer the question. Do I compare sitcoms from the present to the past or do I talk about how sitcoms have changed over time

  7. Any links for task 2? Its having to obviously agree with them yet bear in mind the statement!

  8. Yes, task two seems to be stumping a lot of people, regarding the ‘death’ of the sitcom. Can we have a little help with that?

  9. Yes?

  10. task 2, stcoms desighn for two different audience which do are compare.

    fuk i need sum advice

  11. gcsemediasitcoms

    Jamain, Adam some useful death of the sitcom sites:


    John, for the first task I would start with the traditional conventions and then talk about how they changed chronologically referring to sitcoms as you go.

    Susie, Jamal, The death of the sitcom is about how the traditional sitcom convention failed and therefore the sitcom died. People then played with the typical conventions and added sub genres like the Office Etc. Sitcoms change because our society changes, there used to be racist jokes etc. in older sitcoms although now they do not appeal to us. Modern comedy relies on put downs and sarcasm.

    Hope this helped a few people, if you are still stuck please comment again and ill answer any other questions. Good luck in the exam everyone.

  12. Hey
    I have two sitcoms ‘Benidorm and ‘My Family’

    It would be great if u could give me some ideas on how these are designed for two different audiences and how they appeal to these audiences.

  13. Hey i need some help on task 3, just wondering how to set things out in the exam.


  14. i need help on task 2

    two different sitcoms designed for two different audiences and explain hw and why they appeal?

  15. What is the average cost to produce a British sitcom and a British Reality Tv show?

  16. How would you start writting for task 1 “tell us the key feautures of sitcoms and how the genre has changed over time

  17. hey here is some information on different types of comedy characters


  18. hey i’m kind of stuck on task two. in other comments you said about the death of sitcom was about how the traditional sitcom failed…what was that? and how does that refer to what the question is asking us? especially as it says they think its doing fine.

    Also how would you talk about how you may think it would develop. i dont get what to write. let alone what its asking me to….

  19. Hey! i have my gcse media exam on the 14th of May & 15th of May 2008. I need as many conventions and examples of sitcoms as soon as possible, please! And also is it ok if you do an exam in any other way, (apart from the standard essay style) as long as you’ve got the correct information? eg. Bullet points, spider diagrams, mind maps etc. thnx a lot!!!!!

  20. I’m really stuck on task1, about the genres. I know that people were more racist etc, but surely that does not affect the type of comedy. Could you please give me some ideas for that bit.

    Thank you.

  21. i need some help asap. the exam is tommorow and i have no idea what i can do about in my story board. i havnt got a theme. can you help plz?

  22. I need help asap! I am having trouble with my storyboard, I don’t understand what to write in the edit bit of my storyboard! I understand that it is for the action between shots like fade, but they don’t do that in sitcom trailers, I can’t use jump shot all they way through. Please could you give me anymore tips on the storyboard please could the tell me asap, my exam in on Thursday. Please help! thank you.

  23. i need all the help i can get with these question….
    i sorta no what im doin my more info would be good.& my exams tomorrow.
    Task1. show us what you know about sitcoms. tell us what their key features are and how the genre has changed over time. use examples.

    Task2. Critics keep announcing the ‘death of the sitcom’. we belive the genre is doing fine. give us your views on the current state of the situation comedy and tell us how you thin it might develop.


  24. does this thing even work anymore. do the ppl tht creted thi,s even acknowledge wat the ppl here are saying, tht includes me! u lot havent sent anthing back since the May 5th 2008. in future plz CAN U HELP US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! we wood really appreciate tht! thnx a lot. this better mean suttin 2 u lot, sum of us hav our GCSEs goin on, so we need help big time! sorry i gt so aggrivated, but it was needed.

  25. gcsemediasitcoms

    I’m doing my GCSE’s as well .. and I fucked this exam right up.

    I’ve made this Blog and you expect me to keep on replying even though I’m in the same situation as al of you lot????

    You’r very ungratefully. You’re lucky I actually made this to help people.

  26. sorry mann i didnt mean 2 affend any1. im really sorry, i didnt kno tht a student was making dis. i thoght it was a group of adults or sutti. im sorry. this was only 4rm my behalf, dont blame any1 else. SORRY 2 ALL! wont do it again

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  285. Heya im really Stuck on my Media Coursework i need to compare and contrast how family life is represented in american and british Tv sitcoms. Ive now reached the conclusion and need to mention the similarites between the two sitcoms and the differemces but im stuck Please Help xx

  286. Help! I’m doing a piece of GCSE coursework on ‘How does My Family create humour’. Have you got any ideas? That would really help me out. Thanks xx

  287. Hey i’m supposed to be researching representation of ethnicity in media and am a little stuck on what exactly to look for and for places with appropriate information. could you please help?

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  289. I need some help with this exam question please! Choose two different sicoms designed for two different audiences and explain how and why they appeal?
    Thank you! x x

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